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I had such a lovely night. Felt so powerful at the end while managing to take two shopping bags from a car. I was just saying 'I'm a strong independant women don't worry I can deal with it' when I shut my finger in car door. Almost fainted there, had to lie on my bed, never recognized a friend who came with a bag of peas. So me. Just a stupid, stupid me.

Today is the only day I live.
I need to be happy. I repeat it in my head while shaking my head. that will solve all my problems. So simple. I just need to want to be happy every day, say it every morning/afternoon. Prepare a nice cup of tea/coffee. Eat breakfast with some fresh fruits. Have a long shower and get ready for a beautiful day.

I am stupidly pathetic me and my laziness and not using my potential not challenging myself. It’s not even because of the fear of failure. Or is it?
Step one
Do something about it and LISTEN to your advices.
You notice that there is a direct link between you not eating and lack of energy. Find time for proper meals! Don’t forget about basics without them you cannot think clear.
Step two
Develop yourself. Listening instead of talking. Thinking instead talking. DOING instead of talking!
Step three
I need to get here first…